Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Welcome to 2020 and the Gosford Glyphs are still fake !

Welcome to 2020 and the Kariong Glyphs are still very very fake despite dozens of amatuer Indiana Jones types, conmen and tin foil enthusiasts constructing various web sites and home made YouTube videos not one institution has taken anyone seriously anywhere.
That's because way back in 1984 somebody already did that....
Photos taken of the glyphs in 1984 were shown to Australia's top Egyptologist Professor Nageeb Kanawiati - BA Alexandria, MA Alexandria, PhD Macquarie, FAHA, FRSN,Professor of Egyptology.
Professor Nageeb Kanawiati is Egyptian born and has written around 40 books and articles on the subject and is one of the few archaeologists permitted to work on Egyptian sites.
Professor Nageeb Kanawiati says the carvings at Kariong are not legitimate and are poorly executed by amateurs.
And that's it  - you wont get a higher appraisal from anyone more educated, and since then many experts have agreed.
It's been nearly 50 years since the discovery by locals and around 35 years since they appeared in the media, 35 years since various institutions like the Egyptology Dept Macquarie University in Sydney, the London Museum and the Museum of Antiquities in Cairo were informed of the existence of these carvings in the Australian bush and the world's history has still not been re-written.
So to bring you up to speed - the Kariong carvings are still poor attempts at Egyptian writing that makes no sense at all.
The carvings were done in the last 50 years by up to 3 different parties, the last person caught carving in the cleft was in 1983.
There are no burial chambers or tombs or any other non Aboriginal rockwork at the site.
There were no Egyptians in Australia ever. There is not one scrap of legitimate evidence to suggest that there was or even capable of getting here.
The people pushing the "Egyptians did it agenda" still have absolutely no qualifications in any field relevant to Egyptology and some have a vested monetary interest in pushing their agendas - if there is a payment portal on your favourite conspiracy / pseudoarchaeology website / YouTube channel you are being conned.
The is no government cover up or conspiracy, the government knows, all the top museums in the world know and none of them care - it's a hoax and if you don't like what you read you've been had.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

New light on old story ... yawn

I'm a archaeologist

A recent midnight message from a Tracey Smith of Kincumber NSW confirms that the glyphs hoax continues to confound those who believe in fairy tales....
Tracey describes herself on her Facebook profile as:
I'm a weekend Paleontologist,Anthropologist and Archaeologist, full time weirdo and earth mother

Which of course means she has no qualifications at all much like all of the proponents of the Kariong Glyphs hoax, but first let's read her amusing midnight rant

Steve , just an update after our talks on the Nepean Stella that you debunked. Just letting you know , my husband and I just purchased a copy from the Kunst museum in Viena. We placed it beside the Nepean stella and YES they are exactly alike. But, a few differences which we will be releasing soon. No Steve Strong will not be a part of thisas it was his stuff ups with the continuous errors in the story which caused the continuous accusations of fraud. We are having it professionally tested inside and out, and I have no doubt in my mind Steve you will be eating your debunking story. I hope you will be onboard to do that soon as we present it , to which we will be giving you a front row seat... We are very excited and without the debunking we would never have known about the other one which honestly hasnt bothered us at all, it just opens a can of worms. Cheers Buddy Will be chatting with you soon

Tracey has mistaken me for Denis Gojack who debunked the Nepean Stela over a year ago , even Strong himself pulled down his article about after ridicule from inside his own camp but it gets better.. Tracey is the person who found this modern day replica and gave it to Strong to analyse and obviously not happy with his appraisal has now gone off on her own misguided search for the "truth" Evidently this tablet is to be professionally tested and startling revelations will be presented to one and all by this surburban mother, we can hardly wait and yes save me a plate and a front row seat

The Nepean stela available at Bunnings garden aisle $19.99

p.s its spelt stela not Stella that's a girls name ;)