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Due to the large amount of disinformation about the Kariong Glyphs on the internet , this site has been set up to show the true facts about this modern day hoax.
I have lived near the Gosford Glyphs for most of my life , I initially covered the story on my website www.woy-woy.com in early 2004 as part of the Woy Woy Files. 
At the time I visited a couple of internet forums doing research and eventually got caught up in the never ending " Egyptians done them " debate , so I decided to use my local knowledge and do some further research , after all I was arguing with people who lived mostly overseas or interstate and had never visited the site at all.
After establishing my blog All Things Woy and again covering the Kariong Glyphs story I began to receive a lot of traffic and comments from various people from around the world , a lot of praise from people who were glad they could finally read an untainted account of the glyphs story free from aliens and lost Egyptian sailors and a lot of angry rebuttals from the fringe theory mob.

As I had my research spread out over 2 sites ( rather untidily ) and the need to keep it updated I decided to make this stand alone site.

I was born in Gosford in 1965 and have lived most of my life on the Central Coast , NSW , Australia , it's a nice part of the world that has given me no reason to move.
I work locally as a painting contractor and have a variety of interests including local history and computers which led me to construct woy-woy.com and my current blogs

Feel free to comment below or contact me at blazelands(@)iprimus(dot)com(dot)au

Steve Spillard 2014
Ettalong Beach , NSW

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