Theories and Rumours

Despite the NPWS Ranger Neil Martin catching a man red handed adding to the glyphs site in 1984 , theories about who or whom was responsible for the main body of work still abound to this day
Here are some of the popular theories from various sources.


Previous land owners
Based on a nearby boulder bearing the initials T.C and R.G .The Cameron and Gilford families both owned adjacent blocks close to the boulder ( pictured top left ) Both families along with the Follans lived along Bambara Road from the 1930's to the 70's
Returned servicemen post WW1
Carvings done by returned diggers as memorial to fallen comrades post WW1 , the site often gets confused with another WW1 memorial in the Kuringai National Park , a pyramid and sphinx were constructed by a Private Shirley and friends in the bushland in the 1920's ( pictured top right )
Local school boys late 60's
Boys from Gosford High did the carvings copying symbols from an Egyptian studies text book , this theory is supported by the Gosford Historical Society.
Visiting university students mid 70's
Rumour started by journalist Bob Cummins mentioned in a letter by Ray Johnson , this theory was addressed recently by the owner of The Secret Visitors Project and determined to be very unlikely.Sydney Universities named have no records of any students doing research work in the area in the time frame suggested.
The son of a well known local business owner mid 70's
This name has popped up twice from 2 separate reliable sources and is most intriguing , unfortunately I cannot print the name due to privacy concerns.
Prank by local radio station late 70's
Theory based on a hand written letter by the man who found the site in 1983 , he describes the carvings as having the appearance of being carved with a small rotary grinding tool similar to a Dremel , he also mentions the local radio station 2GO as being a possible culprit.
At that time 2GO was doing crazy April Fools Day stunts which included the infamous UFO in Brisbane Waters hoax
Local itinerant/s living in abandoned nearby farmhouse late 70's
Theory based on observations made by the Gosford council surveyor , in the 70's people were living in the abandoned Gilford farmhouse nearby.
Various individuals or single person
Carvings done by 1 or 2 persons over time , several stories support a lone culprit including archaeological hoaxer Rex Gilroy

Fringe Theories

I don't understand .... therefore aliens !

The story of the glyphs should have been done and dusted late 1984 but the story and photos appeared in several '"new age " type publications and websites later on in the 90's.
Here unchecked authors could speculate on the origins of the glyphs, theories of lost Egyptian sailors , Phoenicians , Sumerians and even alien visitors as being responsible.
Self styled experts visited the area and sought to decipher the glyphs for themselves , early visitors included Paul White and later on a man named Ray Johnson claimed he had translated the glyphs and sent his translations to the Museum of Antiquities in Cairo, Egypt who seemed to have totally ignored him afterwards.
Recently another self styled expert, retired bus driver Hans Dieter Von Senff claimed to have translated the glyphs and had discovered hidden underground chambers at the site, he pestered various government departments trying to get permission to do a proper archaeological dig at the site to no avail , he released quite extensive papers on his research, according to those game enough to wade through it, is full of inaccuracies and rambling statements.
A new theorist is unemployed school teacher Steven Strong who thinks man evolved from Kariong and populated the earth, then came back as Egyptians and carved pictures of UFO's, he claims the site is part of an undiscovered Egyptian complex.
Unable to convince any reputable institutions of the authenticity of the glyphs and totally ignoring the expert opinions, some theorists have now resorted to calling the denial by various local government departments as some sort of conspiracy to cover up the " real " Egyptian story and even more ludicrous the accusation of myself being some sort of paid government worker whose job is to put de - bunking articles on the internet.
I could waste a whole lot of digital paper discounting all of the mad hat theories, it is a waste of time arguing with those who want to believe something for whatever reason.

Some of these " believers " make money from the story by selling ebooks and publications and doing the odd talk in a public venue , plenty of people like to attend these things and its a nice earner for them.
Other " believers " are people who like crystals, dragons, UFO's and 9/11 conspiracy theories , some are gullible and some are just nutty.
The question is not if the carvings are real but why some people still insist that they are.