Friday, 13 June 2014

Egyptian Boomerangs

Not a boomerang  , This is an Egyptian ceremonial wand
Another common statement made by Kariong fringe theorists is the reports of boomerangs being found in ancient tombs in Egypt.
Boomerang is the term used by Australians for the weapon used by Australian Aborigines , it is derived from the Aboriginal word wo-mur-ang which dates from 1798.

Australian Boomerangs
The lightweight weapon was used by many cultures and is described as a " throwing stick " outside of Australia , throwing sticks of similar shapes were used by the American Indians , Egyptians , Africans and even in Poland.

American Indian throwing or " rabbit " stick

The throwing sticks found in Egyptian royal tombs are Egyptian objects , the Egyptians used throwing sticks as melee weapons in battle and for hunting birds and water fowl.

Tomb art depicting hunters using throwing sticks
Egyptian throwing stick

There are numerous depictions of Egyptians using throwing sticks for hunting in Egyptian art and there have been many ornamental throwing sticks found in royal tombs including the tomb of  Tutankhamen.

The existence of similar weapons in Egypt and Australia prove no connection , the Australian Aborigine is one of the few cultures that did not develop the bow and arrow which was a primary weapon of the Egyptians and they certainly did not use any metal weapons , throwing sticks evolved into similar shapes in different cultures just like the spear and shields for example.
The statement made by fringe theorists is another throw away theory that when examined has no factual basis.

Myth * Busted *


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